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The Mooseman is an atmospheric 2D adventure game set in the mysterious lands of Perm chud' tribes. The player's avatar is the Mooseman; a mythological character from perm animal style objects, which we were greatly inspired by.

You are a mythical character called the Mooseman and you have the ability to see the spirits. You are about to visit three layers of this universe - the first one is the lower world where dwell ancients gods and spirits of the dead...

This is a second demo version of our work in progress.


The mechanics are simple: all the levels have two sides - one that exists in the human world and one that exists in a spirit world. They are separated, but interact in some way or another. The Mooseman has the ability to traverse across both worlds.

The Mooseman does not jump, or shoot, which is different from many other puzzle platformers. His only ability is to change the world which he is currently present in.


  • Deep atmosphere with gripping soundtrack.
  • Thoughtful world filled with secrets
  • Storyline based on finno-ugric myths.
  • Silent narrative.
  • Simple controls, but challenging puzzles.


Move - Left, Rigth or A,D

Transition into the spirit world - Space


We've finished the first part of the game which you may see in the demo version (link below). It is about of a quater of the total length of the game. Yes, the game will be a short one, but packed with atmosphere and cool stuff. We're deep into development now, and we're planning to finish the game by the end of 2016 (we hope).


Website: http://www.mooseman.ru
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/themoosemangame
Indiedb: http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-mooseman


Code, art, gamedesign - Vladimir Beletsky

Music, sound design - Mikhail Shvachko


Mooseman_win_en.zip 55 MB
Mooseman_mac_en.zip 65 MB


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A very beautiful game. The atmosphere and the sound is great.

The atmosphere of this game is amazing and art style was great, overall the game was great.  i will get the full game soon on steam, can't wait to play it.

Thank you!

Cute demo that reminds me of Mushishi and Princess Mononoke. Was a bit disappointed when I didn't see a full release, until I found it on steam. Looking forward to picking it up, really enjoying the atmosphere.

Very good, this game is awesome i like the atmosphere of this game , he is so nice , congrats to developers

The hand drawn atmosphere and pace of this game really spoke to me. Thanks for uploading it, and I hope you make more!

Thank you for playing our game! Really glad you liked it. We will make the full version, our current build is pretty long (maybe too long), still have a lot of work till the full release.