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A very beautiful game. The atmosphere and the sound is great.

The atmosphere of this game is amazing and art style was great, overall the game was great.  i will get the full game soon on steam, can't wait to play it.

Thank you!

Cute demo that reminds me of Mushishi and Princess Mononoke. Was a bit disappointed when I didn't see a full release, until I found it on steam. Looking forward to picking it up, really enjoying the atmosphere.

Very good, this game is awesome i like the atmosphere of this game , he is so nice , congrats to developers

The hand drawn atmosphere and pace of this game really spoke to me. Thanks for uploading it, and I hope you make more!

Thank you for playing our game! Really glad you liked it. We will make the full version, our current build is pretty long (maybe too long), still have a lot of work till the full release.